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“Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed” David Wilkins, Linguist What is EasyCorpus? A homegrown-independent on-line learning tool to teach and learn the English language and enhances vocabulary acquisitions. An innovative English language –learning tool, which was given a grant under the Technopreneur Development Fund Programme by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in 2009. The academic theory behind the idea of Easycorpus was derived from Corpus Linguistic theory, ‘word associations’ or ‘word collocations’. It was nominated under the “Best of E-Learning” in the APICTA Awards 2009/2010. It has been used as a complementary language learning tool for Corporate Training under ‘Business Communications’ programmes conducted for HSBC Amanah Berhad, Maybank Islamic Berhad, Multimedia Development Corporation Berhad and Petronas Leadership Centre. Why EasyCorpus? CONNECTING ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS GLOBALLY: To connect people globally whereby users can make friends to share their teaching and learning of English under one fun and interactive platform. LEVERAGE ON TECHNOLOGY: To provide various Online learning tools within the EasyCorpus portal to accelerate English language learning in a collaborative manner. SELF DIRECTED LEARNING AT YOUR OWN PACE: To provide learners an opportunity to learn vocabulary at their own pace. Learning Tools in EasyCorpus Latest Corpus – indicates the latest words for the day. Shared Corpus - words are contributed and shared by members through their own personal vocabulary collection. Spoken Corpus – captures the words and phrases used by leaders from various industries and other personalities. Topical Corpus – captures the words and phrases within a particular topic. Category Corpus - words in context found in different categories e.g. business, sports, academic, travel, entertainment, grammar, science, etc. My Corpus – an Online vocabulary notebook for members to collect their own words and phrases. Discussion platform – members can discuss their ‘word for the day’ as well as learn collaboratively about the language points they encounter. Mentorship & Coaching - members can select English language mentors and coaches for guidance in teaching and learning English Quiz & Worksheets – members can test their proficiency with the various EasyCorpus assessment tools. EasyCorpus Language Detective – members are encouraged to notice and be aware of the patterns in language based on the questions posed in the learning platform. Critical Thinking – members can analyse the words and phrases in different context and apply critical thinking to discuss the various topics with other members within the learning community. Notes & Mind Mapping – members can put their thoughts on the ‘notes’ provided and ‘mind map’ their phrases based on their understanding and learning. BENEFITS  Acquire extensive vocabulary to achieve fluency in communication Accelerate vocabulary acquisition by exposure to different words in context Platform to learn English in an interactive and collaborative manner  A database of words and phrases used in various categories and topics An online vocabulary platform called ‘My Corpus’ for users to collect and share words Interactive and collaborative tools to encourage discussion on the usage of words and phrases KEY FEATURES
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